Our Services

General Services

We provide our client’s with personal and objective advice and possess significant purchasing power in the market place. We also work closely with our clients, recommending insurance programs and insurers that will provide the best protection for their business and not necessary the one that offers an incentive to us.Rachbuk negotiates specific corporate and commercial insurance placements for clients in a variety of industry classifications and also niche products developed for special client groups.

The service we provide as Insurance Brokers is FREE. We earn commissions from insurance companies with whom our clients’ businesses are placed. We will only require details of your existing insurances and a letter authorizing us to review and report on your insurances.We believe that we can be of great assistance to you and/or your organization in achieving your corporate objectives and would be delighted to discuss with you to determining and recommending your most suitable insurance package.

Claims Services

Rachbuk Insurance Brokers place enormous emphasis on claims service for our clients. Our highly personalised service assures that when a claim arises, we will assist you in every way possible. When people take out insurance, it is assumed the minute any damage is done that their claims are paid without any delay. But the claims process can be lengthy, especially if the insurance company decides to investigate or feel the policy conditions haven’t been adhered to. We are responsible for helping our clients get their cheques.

All incidents which may give rise to a claim should be reported as soon as possible to Rachbuk Insurance Brokers. We will advise you how to lodge the claim, and what documentation will be necessary.

Claims Recovery Services

At Rachbuk, we offer professional advice and where necessary pursue claims that may have been turned down by Insurance Companies. We believe in the power of negotiation and as such will do all we can to ensure that the best is gotten out of the situation. This service is offered on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis to referred cases.

"We provide our client’s with personal and objective advice and possess significant purchasing power in the market place"
- Rachbuk Insurance Brokers